Ruth Whitmore operates the 100 Club for Bintree Bowls Club to assist in raising money for club funds. It operates as follows:

1  £5 tickets are sold in the spring at the beginning of the bowls season.

2  There are 4 draws each year.  2 during the season, 1 at the AGM and 1 at the annual dinner in December.

3  Total prize money distributed is £240 per annum.

The draw made at the AGM on 14 November 2019 yielded the following winners:  1st prize Paul Digby £25, 2nd prize Gillian & Richard Blyth £15, 3rd prize Elsa Digby £10, 4th prize Coen & Wilhelmina Van Beuningen £5.

The Digbys will be buying the drinks at the annual dinner hehe !!!!