Group A and Group B round robin leagues have been completed, The top 8 in each league have been drawn in a knock out competition to decide the eventual winner. The best of the rest have been entered in another knock out competition. Fixtures are as follows:

Game 1  P Jacobs vs H Mears   Game 2  R Hannent vs A Smith   Game 3  D Spiteri vs D Gillett   Game 4  R Cooper vs P Catchpole

Game 5  C Harris vs R Blyth

Due to the odd number of competitors in this group, Game 6  G Smith  Game 7 D Bloomfield  Game 8 R Whitmore receive byes.

Quarter Finals:  Game A  G Smith vs R Blyth   Game B  P Jacobs vs D Bloomfield   Game C  A Smith vs D Spiteri   Game D  R Whitmore vs P Catchpole

Semi Final:  Game 1  A Smith vs G Smith    Game 2  P Jacobs vs R Whitmore

Final:  A Smith vs P Jacobs

Winner:  P Jacobs

All the above might seem a bit complicated to follow at this stage but, hopefully, as the competition progresses and the results updated all will become clear !!