Dear members 

We hope you are all well and have been keeping safe over the winter months.

The outdoor bowls season is fast approaching. Our first Tuesday roll-up will be on Tuesday 26 April 2022 at 14.00 and our first league game is scheduled for 04 May.

We are also having a club opening day roll-up on Sunday 01 May 2022 when we will organise a little round robin competition with rinks of 3 players per block drawn out on the day

Rink fees for all matches (home and away) will be £3.00 and a nominal charge of £1.00 will be made for Tuesday pm ‘Roll-ups’. If anyone fancies a roll-up on another day other than the Tuesday, the green will be available from 20 April 2022 and the rink fee will be £1, payable to Bawdeswell, and placed in the money pot inside the hut.

All league teams for this coming season have been restricted to 9 players per team. All league fixtures are shown on the website.

No restrictions have been placed, following Covid, on playing numbers etc. We sought advice from Bowls England on this subject and their response was as follows:

“We have been following government guidance throughout the pandemic and currently there is no restrictions or further advice that is deemed necessary from the government.  Therefore, it is entirely up to the club to hold its own risk assessment and mitigate any risks envisaged as it sees fit.”

It will be really nice to see everyone again very soon.