Grange Cup winners 2023 !!!!  We won 45-43 on shots against South Creake who had only lost one game in winning the North Norfolk Bowls League.  T Stearman, S Jones, N Mears won 18-14.  W Webb, R Cox, A Hunter won 13-12.  H Mears, M Tombling, D Beresford lost 14-17.

The pure facts of the score doesn’t tell the story of the dramatic finale to this game.  After 12 of the 16 end game, Bintree were leading 33-32.  The Hunter block were 6-12 down.  They took 7 shots in the last 4 ends to win 13-12.  The Beresford block were level at 12-12.  They hung in and only lost by 3 shots,  The main story, however, involved the Mears block.  The other two games had been completed and Bintree were leading 45-42.  Nick Mears had the last bowl of the entire game in his hand and was informed that his block were 6 shots down.  At that point, we were losing the final !!  He fired and crashed into the head, reducing the deficit to one shot.  There was a stunned silence from the opposition.  We had won the Cup and a cheque for £60 !!!