This was the second leg of a 2 leg semi final.  We played the first leg at home on 27 July and lost 41-44.  It was, therefore, a tough job to play away and recover the shot difference at a venue that we hadn’t played at before.  After 5 ends, however, things were looking promising.  All three blocks were leading and we were 10 shots up.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep that up on a rough pushy green and lost 33-47 on the night and 74-91 in total.  H Mears, M Tombling, N Mears lost 12-14.  B Beresford, R Johnson, A Hunter lost 9-15.  F Moore, C Ledbury, D Beresford lost 12-18.  After beating Hempton and Wells Elsmith in the previous rounds, we did well to reach the semi final in a competition that we had entered for the first time.  Well done to all that took part !!!