Peter Lilwall, Dennis Farthing and Colin Harris lost 13-19. We started well by winning the first two ends with single shots, this was quickly erased by a three from the home team but we drew level on the fourth. At the tea break (after nine ends) we were eight all.  Whatever was put in the tea benefitted the home team more than us as they got a five on the next end. We countered with a four and our score would have continued to increase with a nice cluster of three around the jack had it not been for a wayward fourth wood from us which scattered the cluster to give the opposition one shot. They won the next three ends taking their total to 19 and were holding one on the last end but a finely directed wood from us took their shot wood out to give us the point.   13/19 to them.

It was a match we could / should have easily won. Hey Ho.

Good luck to Gwyneth, Betty and Dave for next Tuesday.

From our roving reporter L. Eaning.